Thursday 18 January 2018

How To Secure Your Redis Installation on CentOS 6.x with Password Authentication | Configuring a Redis Password for CentOS

Using CentOS 6.x, for applying Password Authentication in Redis through requirepass Configuration, we need to edit the redis.conf file.

Open the configuration file(name of the file may vary in your machine):


Find # requirepass foobared and change it in following way:
requirepass yourpassword
Save your changes and restart redis-server
service redis_6379 restart
redis-cli>set test "TestEntry"
Since we have applied password in Redis Configurtion file "/etc/redis/6379.conf" , we will get NOAUTH error as follows:
(error) NOAUTH Authentication required.
while being in redis-cli, write following command with your password for authentication:> auth yourpassword
And then when you will set any value, it will return OK> set test "TestEntry"
We can also run redis-cli directly with password authentication by using following command:
redis-cli -a "yourpassword"
We get OK when we run redis-cli in this way and set any value:> set test2 "TestEntry2"

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