Friday, 30 January 2015

Django Setting DEBUG = False causes 500 Error - Django 500 error debug false - ALLOWED_HOSTS Problem [SOLVED]

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Django Debug False 500 error Solved
Being involved in Full Stack Django/Python Web Application Development for 3 years now, I recently deployed my Django application on a test server and encountered Server Error (500) on Django when template debug is set to False. That is in Django, when I changed DEBUG = FALSE from DEBUG = TRUE, it caused 500 error.

I had upgraded my application from Django 1.4 to Django 1.7. I came to know that 500 error on DEBUG = False error is encountered by everyone using django 1.5 or greater as soon as they change their to DEBUG = False. Well my problem got solved after reading several blogs and digging deeper in the Django Docs for DEBUG = False ALLOWED_HOSTS settings

What I did was, in, changed ALLOWED_HOSTS value in the following way:
# Above mentioned IP is not my actual IP. Enter your actual server IP or domain name here. 

If you have a domain name of your server, you may write:
You can also use a '*' wildcard to allow all hosts. But this is not recommended in the production environment.
You can find a full detail regarding the ALLOWED_HOSTS settings here hidden deep inside django document  


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